Exercising Your Imagination Muscles with Barbie

July 26, 2016


Ladies and gentlemen of the Buzz Blog, today we are talking about toys. Not toy packaging—though we could and have! Specifically, we are here to talk about Barbie. Now before you think that this doesn’t apply to your packaging needs, give us a moment.

Because with Barbie and packaging alike, it’s all about seeing the possibilities and using your imagination. Think that is a stretch? Watch this video and think again.

You CAN be anything!

We love this video over here at Ernest HQ because we believe imagination isn’t bound by sex, race or creed. Creativity is something we all share in our own ways and can use it to make the world a better place – or maybe even think of something really awesome to do with cardboard.

Good ideas rise to the top when given the chance, and we believe in listening and acting on good ideas wherever they come from. Instead of making what other people might expect or sticking with the status quo, we make a rocking cardboard guitar. Who’s with us!?

This belief is in our DNA and has been for nearly 70 years. We look at an ordinary stack of corrugated fiberboard and adhesive and see endless possibilities.

Who is with us?

Are you ready to imagine all the possibilities your brand could inspire? At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we believe your packaging has the potential to empower people to think bigger, bolder and in more exciting ways about the world around them. It’s a lofty goal, and we like it that way.

Call us today, and let’s move your packaging forward.