This Feline Armor Is the Cat’s Pajamas

March 19, 2015


(photo from Jeff DeBoer)

The internet loves cats. From international superstar Grumpy Cat to Maru, the carboard-loving cat, our feline friends have become a hot commodity in the age of internet memes. Just like anything else of value, they need to be protected.

This is what artist Jeff DeBoer attempted to do when he created protective suits of armor for cats. He drew on inspiration from several countries and time periods — most notably Edo period Japan and Medieval England. Each suit has an incredible amount of details, and they can take as many as 200 hours to create.

03mouse2001.jpgIn the epic war of cat versus mouse, DeBoer knew that he needed to even the playing field, so he has also created mouse armor as well! (No, he hasn’t actually put a mouse in one of the suits. Because that would be insane.)

Armored suits and packaging have the same purpose: to keep delicate things safe. If they fail, there will be dire consequences. Therefore, they need to be constructed carefully and strategically.

The suits of armor that we make at Ernest are made of cardboard and wood and bubble wrap. They don’t protect samurai cats — although Ernest President Tim Wilson has battled it out as a sumo wrestler — but they protect whatever precious items to need to arrive safely to your customers.

Has the cat got your tongue? If not, contact us today about how we can get your packaging solutions ready for battle!