Fly Your Cardboard Cockpit into the Danger Zone

September 16, 2014

Few people are cooler than jet fighter pilots. They’re so cool that they even made Tom Cruise seem cool.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to get your own full-size jet cockpit replica — made out of cardboard! As if that’s not amazing enough on its own, you have the ability to connect it with your iPad, TV screen and a joystick for a realistic flight simulation.

Whether you’re a flight enthusiast, gamer or just channeling your inner Rebel pilot, this might be the most fun that you can have with paper in your living room.

We’ve seen a lot of incredible things made out of paper — equipment for disabled children, virtual reality headsets, recreations of famous movie scenes — but this is definitely one of the most complicated things that we’ve ever seen.

(These will all be blown out of the water in a few weeks when we reveal our cardboard surfboard in the debut of our new Ernest Cardboard Chaos series!)

 This cardboard cockpit is another great example of packaging material, technology and innovation all coming together. This is what we do all day every day at Ernest Packaging Solutions.

If you feel the need for speed, contact us today to put your packaging on a highway to the danger zone.