Flying Sandwiches Drop Ship To Us

July 17, 2014


At Ernest Packaging Solutions sometimes we get a little cheesy … mmm … cheesy. We also know quite a bit more about packaging and shipping, which is why we’re excited about a new Australian startup that combines the two.

Jafflechutes drops parachute-adorned grilled cheese sandwiches (known

down under as a jaffles) from the sky, or at least from four or five stories above ground. You read that correctly: They’re delivering grilled cheese sandwiches by parachute.

After Jafflechutes attracted a loyal Aussie following in Melbourne, it started to field

numerous American requests for the pop up float down. So Jafflechutes North America

launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $5,000 needed to make the trip to the United States and to fund parachute construction—the necessary float down vehicle for jaffle delivery.

We know the perfect jaffle pairing: popchips!

For more than 67 years, Ernest has been doing what Jafflechutes has started doing: Finding innovative ways to protect and deliver the things that matter to you. Jafflechutes brings a whole new meaning to drop ship, and we like it.

No matter how unique the shipping or packing request is — whether sandwiches in the sky or steaks through shark-infested water — our Innovation Lab can find solutions to get shipments where they need to go.

Do you have an odd or unique packaging challenge for Ernest Packaging engineers to tackle? Contact us to for innovative ways to drop ship or float down your next big idea. Because we just love packaging — even if that sounds a little cheesy.