Form Follows Function: Engineering a Unique Cold Chain Solution [White Paper]

October 24, 2017

A scientist placing

You are an expert in your field, and your product shows it. You spent countless hours researching, implementing and iterating until you brought your product to life; so when you’re choosing a partner to help bring it to market, why should you settle for anyone less than an expert?

Ernest Packaging Solutions – Experts in Engineering and Design

For over 70 years, Ernest Packaging Solutions has driven innovation in our field. In our long history of Moving Packaging Forward, we have had the privilege of working for customers in industries as familiar as food packaging and as far-reaching as national defense. We revel in the opportunity to bring our expertise to face varied challenges and to expand our own knowledge along the way.

When a biomedical company developed a one-of-a-kind product with highly specialized packaging and logistics needs, other packaging companies gave them the cold shoulder. That’s when Ernest stepped in to provide a cold-chain solution tailor-made to get the job done.

The product, in powder form, is rendered unusable when exposed to moisture and heat. The vacuum-sealed foil packaging had to be reverse-engineered to withstand the heat from gamma irradiation, accounting for the chemical makeup and density to allow proper sterilization. It also had to negate condensation from the dry ice pellets keeping the product frozen.

“We serve many global industries and run facilities around the world, but this [solution] was a first,” says the Director of Sterigenics La Jolla, the firm responsible for sterilizing the biomedical product.

“Ernest used ordinary packaging materials to design and engineer a truly extraordinary solution.”

If your biomedical product needs end-to-end care in transit to ensure the safest delivery, rely on the ingenuity of Ernest’s engineers. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today—we’ll find the cure when other packaging companies shirk from the challenge.

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