Fun and Easy Playtime Ideas with Packaging

May 17, 2016

baby playing

The kids are home for summer and you’re starting to hear the dreaded words “I’m bored.” Even worse, those words are coming from your mouth because you can’t stand just watching your kids play video games all day long and forgetting about important things like bathroom breaks, eating and blinking.

The good news is you’ve got someone in your corner who knows a thing or two about turning plain old packaging products into something fun and useful – like a guitar or a skateboard.

What’s that? You don’t have a full team of packaging designers, engineers and rooms full of really cool machines? Not to worry! We have unearthed a wonderful collection of DIY packaging-related crafts just about anyone with a few boxes and some tape can do.

You don’t have to have kids or be a kid to enjoy these ideas – just be creative and like to work with your hands.


See the full list of ideas (98 of them!) on Do It Yourself’s Facebook page.

How about those creative ideas? And don’t pretend you didn’t want to play some of those, too. We know that we did. We’re all kids at heart around here, after all. Our work is our play. That’s why we’re able to deliver custom packaging solutions that rethink what is possible. Take a look at a few recent projects in our Premium Content section and see how we’re moving packaging forward.

Are ready to work with a company that takes it play seriously enough to create custom innovations? Then contact us today!