Fun DIY Uses for Wood Pallets and Crates

January 27, 2015


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From snowboards to insulation to musical instruments, cardboard can be used in a million fun and creative ways. But there’s another great material that doesn’t get enough attention: wood pallets and crates.

Ernest’s Pallet Guy team uses wood for some of our most heavy duty, hardcore packaging needs, but wood pallets can also be a heck of a lot of fun, too. Why bother shopping at Crate & Barrel when you can open your own Crate & Pallet (& Skid & Box).

A Comfy Bed Frame

Want a creative, inexpensive and unique bed frame? Just use wood pallets.

The spaces in the pallets can even be used for additional storage.


You can even make a matching bed for your cat!


Wall Shelves

Speaking of additional storage, you can turn a crates and pallets into a DIY shelving for everything from books to beverages. You’ll just need to stain it and possibly add a few extra boards.

 diy wood crates

Wooden Bike Rack

This one is really fun! Need a unique way to store your bike at home? Use two wooden pallet! You barely even need to modify them. If you only need a rack for one bike, cut down the pallets to the size that you need them.



Although the Pallet Guy team usually isn’t building bike racks, beds or book shelves, they understand that wood isn’t just wood. Crates, boxes, pallets and skids are ways to think creatively to solve problems.

Our woodshop team wood like — er, that is would like — to discuss all of our wood-based packaging solutions. Contact Ernest or email Pallet Guy today.