The Future of Paper Folding Cartons

April 27, 2017


The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) released a new forecast for the future of folding cartons, and the news is promising. According to the report, carton shipments will increase at an average rate of 0.5% until 2020, which will cause the market climb to $8.9 billion.

In addition to the food and beverage market (especially fast food restaurants), several retail-focused industries—including pharma, cosmetics, and household cleaners—are poised to drive much of the growth. This is a change from recent trends in shopping habits and industry innovation that caused folding cartons use to decline.

“The resurgence of folding paperboard cartons in retail can be attributed to two things,” says Brian Porter, VP of Client Relations at Ernest Packaging Solutions. “Technological advances in manufacturing and printing have created new opportunities for structure and design. As a result, brand managers are looking at their packaging anew and seeing ways they can impact shoppers and stand out with their package designs.”

It’s true. Folding carton paperboard isn’t as thick and rigid as some other packaging substrates. This simplicity can be construed as crafty and playful, which can give brands a friendly connection with consumers. Also, the carton paperboard can be a canvas to create a consumer experience. For example …




Paper packaging like folding cartons has been and will remain one of the best billboards for your brand. How else can you tell your story, make a sales pitch and connect with your customers with uses of design and color at the point-of-sale?

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we know paper inside and out. Whatever trends come and go, we remain focused on moving your packaging forward. So give us a call if you’re looking for a package solution that speak volumes about your brand no matter what shape it takes.