How Packaging Influences An Experience

May 28, 2013

Garbage art
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New York City artist Justin Gignac makes art from garbage — literally. He collects trash from the streets of New York and, using clear airtight cubes, packages it into an art form that has become popular around the world, according to

That NYC garbage, when packaged right, transforms into something else; it ignites the imagination and helps to tells the stories of New York City and its people. It gives people a whole new way to experience New York. Without the packaging? Well, it’s just a handful of rubbish.

Those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions can certainly relate to the way the art of packaging shapes and influences an experience.

Through their products — whether food/beverage products, pet products, athletic apparel, chandeliers or something else — the customers of Ernest Packaging Solutions provide experiences to their consumers. We at Ernest Packaging Solutions not only package those experiences — in addition, the packaging we create is also an experience itself.

From the way our packaging protects and shields products, to the way our packaging adds “shelf appeal” for shoppers, to the way our packaging helps companies achieve sustainability goals — it’s all part of a larger experience.

Ernest Packaging Solutions is our name, and creating innovative packaging experiences is our game.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner that goes beyond bubble wrap and surpasses packaging tape — and gets to the root of the packaging experience — contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today. We’d love to share with you the art of the packaging experience.