Introducing the Pizza Pizza Box (It's for Pizzas!)

July 05, 2016


What is your favorite kind of pizza? OK, now what is your favorite type of pizza box? Stick with us here because even though awesome pizza boxes are totally worth your attention and should be praised, we have a new champion.

The secret of the new most amazing pizza box ever is that it is pizza. You read that right. It’s a pizza pizza box. A box for pizza that is made out of pizza. Is there an echo in here?

PIX11 brought this earth-shattering story to us. Brooklyn restaurant Vinnie’s Pizzeria unleashed “the pizza box pizza” to an unsuspecting world in April. Having trouble picturing this Mona Lisa of the Pizza World? Behold and bask in its cheesy goodness!

Yup, you aren’t seeing double. This is a traditional New York-style pepperoni pizza surrounded by a foldable square pizza in lieu of a box. And if it tastes half as good as it looks, well, then Vinnie’s is going to get a massive order from us at Ernest HQ soon. Do you think they deliver to the West Coast? Sure, there is the question of how to get the pizza box pizza home if it is raining or whatever, but don’t focus on the negatives.

A zero-waste edible packaging like this makes our eco-friendly hearts sing! Getting creative in ways to reduce waste, enhance the customer experience and show them something they have never seen before? That is pretty much what we were put on earth to do. Take Cape Seasonings for example. This delicious chip company needed packaging to stand up and out at customers and provide a great experience. And we helped them make that happen (chips and pizza go hand in hand, really).

Are you ready for a packaging partner that thinks outside the “pizza” box? Contact us today!