It’s All About The Packaging

December 15, 2011

Cardboard boxes

When you’re in a store, you realize how almost everything is packaged in the exact same way. It is a simple box that really adds nothing to the product.

There is nothing exciting about this type of packaging. It doesn’t make the consumer enticed to pick it up and check out what is inside.

What companies need are more innovative ways of containing their products. They need to make their item pop off the shelves and set itself apart from the traditional packages that surround it.

People are constantly being flooded with media and advertising that is constantly vying for attention.

By constantly having to filter all of this information, consumers have become much harder to impress. They require something different that will force them to stop and take notice. If a product is in a box that they’ve never seen before, they will stop and check it out. They will want to know why it is packaged this way, how it was done, and all the while they are finding out more and more about the product itself.

By creating an exciting display, the consumer is drawn in and the product now has his or her full attention. All of the other products in their simple packaging are now eliminated from the competition.

This is a much more sophisticated way of reeling in potential customers than annoying them with loud advertisements. This way, the consumer thinks that they are choosing to investigate the product themselves and are not aware that they are fulfilling the goal of the packaging.

There are always opportunities for companies to set their products apart from the others. All that is required is the effort to create something unique and enticing that will keep all of the eyes on that particular product.

No matter the expression, people do judge books by their covers, so companies need to strive for the coolest cover they can get. Let Ernest help you find the right packaging solution for your needs. We like it when people judge our covers.