Juice Up Your Mobile Phone with the Power of Cardboard

December 11, 2014


Everyone knows the panic of having your cell phone run out of battery juice. No matter what you do — lugging around a wall charger and keeping a charger plugged into the car — it never fails that the day you actually need to power up a waning battery, you’re away from all the power sources.

Leave it to cardboard to offer up a solution!

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien turned to the agility and strength of cardboard to create a cell phone battery. He also chose cardboard because it’s recyclable, unlike the many other cell batteries on the market.

Chih-Hsien envisions these biodegradable batteries, Mini Power, being sold at convenience stores everywhere, where people simply choose how long of a charge they need — two, four or six hours, according to Fast Company. The cardboard used for Mini Power reduces packaging typically found in plastic disposable batteries already popular in Asia, and as already mentioned: cardboard is recyclable.

Just imagine city streets filled with people who aren’t constantly sweating the death of their battery.

One of our favorite things about cardboard is that its uses are limitless! It’s strong. It’s an earth-friendly material. Here at Ernest we know a lot about using cardboard in unexpected places. Have you seen our cardboard surfboard video?

Does your packaging need a jolt of energy? Contact us today to discuss solutions that never run out of power!