Throwback Thursday: Keeping kids entertained during the summer with packaging products

July 24, 2014

kids with cardboard play house

image by Flickr user gemsling

We’ve reached the dog days of summer. For most parents, there are still a few long weeks before it’s time to send the kiddos back to school. So it’s the perfect time for a Throwback Thursday post from last summer about keeping your kids entertained and occupied during the summer.

School’s out and kids have nothing but free time on their hands — but how do we lure them away from the TV and video games?

Why not encourage your kids to flex their creative muscles with some awesome packaging product fun? Check out our ideas for keeping the kids busy with packaging products:

Corrugated. When it comes to getting creative with corrugated, the only limitation is your kids’ imaginations! All you need is a box and some art supplies. From there, encourage them to build and decorate their own playhouse, rocket ship or treasure chest — whatever their sweet little hearts desire!

Bubble Wrap. Simply pop away, or get a little more crafty with a project like Bubble Wrap Hopscotch. For instructions, check out this great post from

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