Let's Talk Compact! Maximize Packaging Efficiency by Taking Notes from the World's Narrowest House

November 09, 2012

If you think you’re cramped in a tight living space, consider this: What if you had to fit your bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen into 150 square feet? The Keret House in Warsaw creatively and efficiently does just that!

At only 28 feet wide in some places, they really had to “wedge” everything in there. But as promised, all rooms are represented!
At Ernest Packaging Solutions, efficiency is our middle name. We are huge cheerleaders of spending the time to strategically place items, and reducing the overall weight and bulk of a package. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll work our magical balancing act, and get your items to fit perfectly in the smallest box possible.

While WE wouldn’t want to have to use a shower that size, the Keret House is all about efficiency. Each square foot counts, and no space is left unaccounted for. Assuming there is a refrigerator under that sink, we give this living space an A+ for creativity and streamlined design!