Making Packaging Like These Strong and Beautiful French WWII Bunkers

September 15, 2016


Creating packaging that is tough, rugged and capable enough to stand up to Bigfoot is one challenge we are up to. Then again, a simple and beautiful package design that can float on air is on the other end of our talent spectrum.

So what about packages that are both strong and beautiful? Do you have to sacrifice one for the other? We say “No way!”

We started talking about the power of protective but artistic packaging when we saw highlight the work of photographer Jason Guilbeau. He’s been capturing the architecture behind these WWII relics for years and taking mesmerizing photos what were once fortified positions in a terrible war.

Today, the abandoned buildings offer a stunning look at old military structures that are now blank canvases for graffiti artists.





I bet no one could have imagined the next life that these military bases would take post-WWII.

Good package designers don’t make you choose between strength and beauty. They can offer lightweight, crush-resistant outers that are still visually and functionally appealing to consumers. You don’t have to decide between “pretty and breaks” or “tough and ugly.” No, you can choose your own story when you go with Ernest Packaging Solutions.

After all, your package is a blank canvas waiting for more beauty. That’s why we say “No More Brown Box” and come up with innovative ways to promote your brand while getting your product to market. We don’t compromise anything!