Moving on Up with Paper Furniture

September 30, 2014


cardboard furniture

(photo from FoldTheory)

What are the scariest words in the English language? “Can you help me move?”

Few things in life are better than friendship — until friendship results in you spending your Saturday hauling a buddy’s sofa up two flights of stairs.

What would make moving a whole lot easier? Paper furniture. We could carry your entire living room in one load!

That’s exactly what several innovative furniture designers are working on. TapeFlips allows you to make several different types of furniture simply by folding and taping corrugated paper pieces. Want a table? Done. Would you rather turn it into a bookshelf or a chair? No problem. Just move it around and retape it.

Part art project and part architecture, FoldTheory creates sustainable design using recyclable material. This includes cardboard stools, shelving and bicycle stands. Their objective isn’t just to make furniture that is less expensive and easier to carry; they want to make biodegradable furniture that won’t spend thousands of years sitting in a landfill.


That’s part of what we at Ernest love about paper. It’s versitle, inexpensive and renewable. What’s not to love?!


We recently tried our hand at a pretty wild paper innovation ourselves when we created our cardboard surfboard. In our new Ernest Cardboard Chaos video series, we’ll be push ourselves to the limits to see what else we can make out of paper!

If you’re looking for a partner who can solve your packaging problems — and will never ask you to help move! — contact us today.