Nerd Culture Inspires Real-Life Innovation

June 26, 2012

It’s no secret that nerds have become the kings and queens of the world — and not just in their own empowered minds, but even in the mainstream. Need to see the receipts? Look no further than the successes of The Avengers and geeky gadgets and the hype surrounding The Dark Knight Rises.

What’s particularly awesome is when that nerd culture goes beyond entertaining us, and makes a significant difference in the real world. Even cooler, still, is when it does both.

That’s just what happened in Australia, where a team created a self-writing paper that quickly identifies blood type. This incredible invention could be useful to identify blood type in emergency situations and ensure life-saving transfusions happen safely. And here’s the kicker: The innovation was all based upon inspiration from the fictional self-writing diary that appears in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, according to BBC News.

Daaaaang. How great is that?

As those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions know quite well, nerds are slaying mightily when it comes to packaging, too. Though we haven’t started incorporating self-inking quills into our business or taken up using owls for shipping purposes like Harry, Ron and Hermione, we’re still open to being inspired by the incredible — whether real or imaginary.

And without being too boastful, we’d like to think our packaging innovations show that we’ve actually got quite a bit of magic up our sleeves.

Looking to pair up with a nerd-tastic packaging partner that’s big on imagination and innovation? Look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions.