Orange You Glad To See These Gravity-Defying Soda Bottles?

August 01, 2017

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If you’re reading this blog, chances are we’re preaching to the choir when we repeat: consumers want to know exactly what they’re getting with a glance at a product’s packaging! That goes for everything from big-ticket items like consumer electronics to impulse buys right in the checkout lane at local grocery stores. The Coca-Cola Company is no stranger to the latter, and they’re twisting up one of their classic brands to make a bigger splash.

We’ve written about Coke’s iconic bottle shape, but a new development in the shape of Fanta orange soda bottles looks like something out of a modern art installation (albeit much less likely to get you kicked out of a museum if you touch it).

The update to Fanta’s packaging coincides with an update to the classic recipe, using 1/3 less sugar. That alone is cause for celebration for the refreshments giant, but the refreshed packaging that’s reminiscent of a twisted orange peel really drives home the fact that something new is going on with their second best-selling brand.

When shelves are crammed with more cans and bottles than ever, it’s easy to understand why soda companies are looking to feats of engineering to help them pop into your grocery cart. We’re seeing more and more innovations across the entire beverages industry, even with those aimed toward consumers 21 and over, too—like single-serve wine (we’re fans of that!). Designing the gravity-defying Fanta bottle was a multi-year engineering endeavor for Coca-Cola; that’s a big undertaking for a big company, and a seemingly daunting one for a small- to medium-sized business.

Not to worry: we’ve got you covered regardless of the size of your company.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions we know a thing or two about designing the impossible because our expert design specialists are tantamount to wizards in their craft. A big product update on the horizon is a perfect opportunity to add some magic to your packaging. Large-scale updates can be a big commitment of time and money, so we know there’s no margin for error. That’s why our designers, engineers and technicians are by your side every step of the way, quite literally if the need arises for on-site expertise.

If you’re looking for a twist in your packaging, our team of specialists is ready to twist and shout. Give us a call today!