Pallet Guy Gets Tough with Wood Packaging

October 14, 2014

 He’s tough. He’s gritty. He’s 100% wood.

Everyone knows that Ernest Packaging loves paper — cardboard surfboards, corrugated snowboards, the list goes on — but you may not have heard about our other passion: wood.

Pallet Guy is the unsung hero of Ernest and the face of our wood-based packaging teams that are located in Los Angeles, San Diego and North Carolina. Pallet Guy and his woodshop team handle some of our most heavy duty packaging projects — working with crates, pallets, skids and anything made of wood.

Just how hefty is their packaging? Well, watch how they box up a Jeep.

Garrett Rist and Jay Heard, two of our woodshop experts, recently worked on a big project for a door manufacturer. The company was having trouble shipping multiple doors flat.

“We needed it to be user friendly and forklift accessible in all four directions,” said Jay. “Most importantly, we needed to protect the door.”

Ernest has been working with the manufacturer for more than 15 years, and they collaborate with them closely. Jay and his team designed an A-frame that can be lifted by a forklift from all four directions. They also created a double A-frame so that the manufacturer can ship even more doors at the same time.

The weight of the doors and fragility of the windows made wood the ideal solution for this heavy duty project.

The manufacturer loved the solution, and Ernest is now mass producing the frames.

Don’t let his cute face fool you. Pallet Guy is tough and determined, and so are his packaging solutions. He and his woodshop team are ready for whatever you can throw at them. Contact us today or visit