(Possibly Mad) Scientists Developing Oil Substitute From Corrugated Cardboard

February 21, 2013

We live in a world where the amount of oil is decreasing, while the demand for it — and the products made from it, like plastic bottles — is sky-high. So are we to stand idly by and watch prices go through the roof?

Heck, no! As always, Ernest Packaging Solutions to the rescue!

Like us, a West Sacramento-based company has taken on the challenge of innovating change by developing a way to convert corrugated  into paraxylene.  Paraxylene is an oil derivative and is the main ingredient used to make plastic bottles. The aim is that, with this breakthrough, a lab will be able to produce tons of paraxylene each day, according to The Sacramento Bee. This development helps not only our environment but it will help stabilize this plastic cost for the consumers.

That’s truly some big-time packaging innovation at work!

As a company that is also doing some truly innovative things with corrugated, Ernest Packaging Solutions is open to all solutions available for our clients. When they bring us a challenge, our own special team of experts will put their ample brains together and customize a solution.

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