Procter & Gamble Leads the Brave New Plastic Economy

March 02, 2017


At the center of every sustainability packaging challenge is a series of questions:

  1. Can we reduce the amount of materials we use?
  2. Can we use recycled materials and how can we effectively source them?
  3. How can we keep this package from ending up in a landfill?

Typically, in plastic packaging questions, one and three get the most attention—but not for long. As Packaging Digest reports, Procter & Gamble aims to release the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic. That’s right, recovered plastic on beaches around the world will be used to create one-quarter of the packaging for the world’s largest shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders. This is no small step, but rather a giant leap into what could be the new plastic economy. This lofty, yet attainable goal, encourages the reduction of virgin plastic creation and seeks to find economical ways to innovatively reuse existing plastic.

And there is no shortage of plastic available for that feat. According to research (which says there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050), 95% of the 300 million tons of virgin plastic produced every year is used only one time. In the best case, the once-used plastic is recycled and in the worst case, it ends up in the ocean, polluting the food chain and tarnishing scenic beaches.

Paper vs Plastic Debate

In the paper vs plastic in packaging debate, it is difficult to gain consensus on the best courses of action. Plastic remains a highly useful tool for creating strong, durable and light packaging, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to ship and saves energy. Alternatively, the long life of plastic makes it a challenge to dispose of properly, which is why some companies are looking into more eco-friendly bioplastics.

So get ready, Procter & Gamble’s beach bottles will be hitting French stores this summer with a run of 150,000 new sustainably-sourced plastic bottles. Can’t wait to see what plastic can do? Then give Ernest Packaging Solutions a call. Our sustainable packaging solutions will keep you “head and shoulders” above the competition and on Mother Nature’s good side!