Protective Cushioning that Cushions the Bottom Line

June 06, 2017

Moving the house

Protecting valuable packages, relieving stress, keeping kids busy for hours… Is there anything bubble wrap can’t do? At Ernest, we always have plenty on hand, and it’s no surprise that many logistics companies keep individual rolls at each work station, so it’s always within an arm’s reach. Just rip off a sheet or two, stuff it in the box, and send the package on its merry way. Sounds handy and relatively inexpensive, no?

Well… no! To get to each work station, every one of those rolls of bubble wrap made a lengthy journey from the distributor. That’s a lot of bubbles doing a lot of traveling, taking up valuable cargo space and time from each person’s schedule who handled them along the way.

Fortunately, the trend is shifting toward protective cushioning solutions that can be done on-demand and on-site. Rather than involve multiple teams to get bubble wrap to an individual worker, it can be created right at their own station with dimensions allowing a better fit than pre-made wrap can manage.

The result? A 95% reduction of labor AND material volume needed to be shipped. Now all those distribution center workers can spend more time popping bubble wrap than unloading it (NOTE: we do not condone bubble wrap shenanigans on company time. Well, maybe just one or two pops.)

We’re always excited to see the birth of new, cutting-edge solutions in packing. With the rising cost of bubble wrap, it’s more important now than ever to be aware of every penny that goes into packaging and shipping. Our process optimization offerings can help create a sustainable solution while keeping an eye on your bottom dollar. If you’re ready for a cushy solution, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

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