Repackaged Dog Houses Get Tails A-Waggin'!

December 04, 2012

The dog house has always had a great functional design — four walls, a roof and a door — and has provided Man’s Best Friend with a comforting shelter from the elements and a place to rest easy at night for countless years.

The traditional dog house, however, was missing a little something called “aesthetic flair.”

But with a whole new fleet of eye-catching dog houses out there, it seems that many dog house builders are on quite the mission to make up for lost time! Thank goodness, because you know those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions can’t get enough of creative new spins on traditional designs!

Check out these wonderfully repackaged and resourceful dog houses, which the creators made by using out-of-the-box design concepts and unique materials! (images below via Buzzfeed)

Unique dog house

Hershey Kiss dog houses

Airstream trailer dog house

Hats off to the creators who made these innovative little abodes! We really appreciate everything that went into these dog houses to make them both functional *AND* fabulous!