Repackaging Fungi: Mold Has Been in the Dark Too Long!

October 08, 2013

The existence of fungi in the common American household used to be twofold: It’s a BUMMER to find mold in your home, and it’s AWESOME to eat mushrooms and delicious cheese on top of your favorite salad.

But, check it out!  Our fungi friends are being totally repackaged!  CultureLab is using the yucky-looking substance to create … drumroll please … Furniture!

Sounds like they’ve been inspired by our Innovation Lab! For this project, mycologists and furniture designers have teamed up to produce a household chair. Fungal furniture is not only awesomely silly looking, but it has great functionality! And the best part, the fungi is sustainable and biodegradable.

If you thought that was cool … imagine your new products wrapped in mold! Yep mushroom materials are now being used as an alternative to Styrofoam, too.

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