Reusing Wood Pallets for Earth Day

April 22, 2013

So you’ve got excess wood. Pallets, crates and other packaging products that maybe aren’t going to good use. What are you going to do with them all?

Ernest Packaging Solutions’ team of engineers have solved shipping opportunities for some clients by reducing the need for wood crates, instead using recycled stretch film and corrugated (combined) to move items like chandeliers safely and cost-effectively. And we’ve been able to help others reduce their need for wood pallets with recycled paper alternatives.

So where does this leave the beloved pallet?  Free to roam for a NEW purpose! Here are some great ideas we’ve pinned on Pinterest on how to take old wood pallets and crates and make them new again. (PS: Follow Ernest Packaging Solutions on Pinterest, while you’re at it.)

So celebrate this Earth Day with us and find new ways to reuse old packaging materials. And if you want a greener, cleaner, earth-friendlier way to ship your product, call Ernest Packaging Solutions today and see how our team of experts can show you how easy it is to be green while saving on your shipping costs.