Sacramento Division Of EPS Takes On Boat Challenge

September 18, 2013

Boat Race

On the heels of our blog post, “How To Hold Your Own Corrugated Boat Race,” our Sacramento Division decided to go above and beyond by holding their very own boat race as a team-building exercise! How cool is that?!?

The boat-racing contest “seemed like way too much fun not to include every department … so that’s exactly what we did,” said Clinton L. Howard, Director of Client Relations for Sacramento.

Each team started with the same materials to ensure fairness, though “some items were intended to be useful, while others were intended to confuse!” smiled Clint. The items each team received included a corrugated box, colored paper, poly bags, paperclips, tape strips, glue, color crayons, nitrile gloves, pens and pelespan.

Boat Race Challenge

From there, the teams participated in the exercise, where it’s pretty clear everyone came out a winner!

As a bonus, the team learned some great lessons from the exercise.

“On the surface, we simply had a great time! People got to know each other better and shared some creativity,” Clint said. “Although, after racing the boats and seeing which sunk completely, which actually floated, and which actually caught the breeze and sailed – I think we all learned a little bit about construction and design. We tied it into our consultative nature …!’”

The passion our engineers have for creative solutions is evident in the way our team constantly pushes the envelope. If some ideas don’t float to the surface on the first pass, we work together to achieve success and find a workable solution for our clients. Hats off to the team at Sacramento! You all are an INSPIRATION!

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