Shelf Lifestyle: Would You Believe a Fashion Show Took Place in a Supermarket?

May 29, 2014


As we previously wrote about on The Ernest Buzz Blog, a world without packaging would fall into chaos (and hilarity) rather quickly. We all need packaging, maybe even more than we realize, so we should make packaging that we want to see. All packaging should be considered an opportunity to create something beautiful.

Ernest Packaging Solutions’ headquarters are right in one of the great fashion and culture capitals of the world: Los Angeles. Driven by glamour, money and the need to get creative with your wardrobe when the temperature outside varies between “boiling water” and “surface of the sun,” we’ve become accustomed to being surrounded by things that are stylish and chic, even though we are a packaging company.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.36.22 AMWho says packaging isn’t fashionable? Not us, and certainly not Chanel. In fact, the fashion house created a fashion-themed supermarket for its fall-winter 2014 show in France, because of course it was France. We know it sounds like a bunch of oddball fashionistas doing eccentric things – and frankly, that is a pretty apt description of the situation – but you can’t argue with results.

All of us here at Ernest are happy to see the tastemakers of the world finally caught on to what we’ve know about for years: When done right, product packaging can be sexy.

Your retail product packaging is in constant competition for attention on the shelf. Your product needs to convey its message and value quickly, and for premium brands, that message is “We both appreciate the finer things in life.” It may be funny to have a catwalk down the aisle at your local supermarket, but that’s how you need to approach your packaging design.

Are you ready to strut your stuff in the marketplace? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to get started, and we’ll have you ready for the swarms of paparazzi in no time.