Single-Serving Boiled Egg Takes Convenience Packaging Up A Level

January 15, 2013

Today’s consumers are all about convenience, especially when it comes to their food packaging. Grab-and-go energy bars are a big hit, canned soups with pull-tab lids fly off the shelves and office freezers around the country are filled with packaged frozen meals that get eaten each day over lunch by employees.

So how’s about this take on a go-to lunch classic, the hard-boiled egg?

Egg Carton
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This S-shaped paperboard packaging protects the hard-boiled egg and delivers a good to consumers in a convenient single-serving size, according to And at just $.94, it’s a pretty thrifty buy!

Hats off to the creators of this packaging! While it might not *seem* all that innovative on the surface, it’s certainly like nothing we’ve ever seen before! It’s kind of weird, kind of quirky and kind of perfect for the convenience-conscious consumer of today.