Stand Out with Unique Packaging

October 06, 2016


Package design for retail shelves is a tricky challenge. After all, your competitors are trying to sell similar products and are trying to make their brand seem like a better choice. Often, aisle after aisle, products begin to look the same and have similar characteristics and the best brands are ones that make an impact with their packaging. But this challenge doesn’t worry us.

What is it that they say about imitation and flattery? We’re not playing that game. We custom design packaging so unique and exciting that, frankly, all imitators just end up looking silly trying to look like something they’re not.

Just take a look at these animals trying to fool the world into thinking they’re dogs.

Don’t be a copycat. (Source)


We always know who the real top dog is. (Source)


Because we know it’s better to lead than follow. (Source)

(Thanks to Bored Panda for rounding up all of these animal brothers from another mother photos.)

Stand out on the shelves and get remembered by customers with packaging that is all about your brand and is 100% you!

“The point-of-purchases is where everything a brand has done to convey their message and value to you results in a sale or it doesn’t,” Greg Feinberg, President and CEO of Aisle 9 Group and Ernest business partner, told The Buzz Blog. “All of the effort you put into your product, marketing and distribution comes down to that moment. So your packaging needs to shine.”

Take, for instance, the package we designed for Cape Seasonings. Lots of packaging for snacks is dull and, well, flat. That is no longer the case with Cape! Their new package is designed to stand up under pressure and stand out from the competition. How? Haven’t you been paying attention? It stands up.


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Don’t be worried about the competition, make them worried about you! Ask Ernest Packaging Solutions for a new custom package design and get ready to knock out the competition with something that is unique as you are.