Sustainable Packaging Is Such A Big Deal, It Even Gets Its Own Show

April 02, 2013

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re no strangers to the benefits of sustainability. We offer a wide range of sustainable packaging products, featuring bio-made and recycled content that’s made cost-effective by our *AMAZING* super-pro team of sustainability experts.

We’ve led the charge within the industry, showing even the early adopters how sustainable packaging is done — with a little bit (er … a whole lot) of quirky personality thrown in, of course!

As we’ve led the way, we’ve watched demand for sustainable packaging grow among companies and consumers, alike. And now, it’s no surprise that sustainable packaging is getting its very own TV show, hosted by a guy who played JFK, no less!

If you watched “Apocalypse Now” and saw a young Martin Sheen creeping out of the waters, trying to kill a renegade Colonel and thought to yourself, “I wonder if he can teach me about sustainability … ” well, then the upcoming PBS series “In Focus” is for you! (We certainly know it’s for us!) No air date has been announced yet, but be on the lookout!

Man with recycling bin and thumbs up

And if you’re looking for a packaging partner that has been on board with sustainable packaging since its inception, look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions! Contact us today for more information.