Sustainable, Recyclable and Reduced Packaging: What You Can Do to Help

June 19, 2014

In spite of the wackiness of planning corrugated boat races, fantasizing about taping co-workers to walls and all other kinds of mischief, the engineers at Ernest Packaging Solutions’ Innovation Lab take their jobs pretty seriously – particularly when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions.

And we’re pretty good at it! Check out the recyclable corrugated snowboard we built for Signal Snowboards.

See, what’s good for the environment (fewer materials used, weight reduction, recyclable solutions) is also good for your bottom line as you get your products to market. But there is also so much more we all can do in our homes, offices and communities.

In the spirit of sustainability and doing amazing things with packaging, we’ve created this handy Recycling Cheat Sheet to let you know how you should put away that plastic, part ways with that paper and get rid of that glass.



Learn how updating your packaging can help your company be a good steward of the earth without sacrificing your product. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn more about sustainable packaging.