Testing the Protective Power of Corrugated (by Freefalling Into It)

March 18, 2014

Only people who work in corrugated every day seem to understand the true nature and versatility of the product. That’s why Ernest was picked to make a working, fully recyclable snowboard with Signal Snowboards recently, because our expert engineers know how to make corrugated work in remarkable ways.

Sometimes corrugated can be made into an awesome snowboard. And sometimes it’s used for other reasons: What you’re about to see is Ferdi Fischer of slamartist.com do a freefall jump 45 meters into a pile of corrugated cardboard. Yes we did say FREEFALL. Remember everyone, don’t try this at home!!

If your stomach has returned to its normal resting place by now, good. If not, we’ll give you a few moments.

Corrugated is designed for impact. It collapses and absorbs energy so your product – or person – remains intact. We saw this previously on the Ernest Buzz with a real life recreation of our famous popchips™ challenge.

We’re not saying we’ll help this guy with his next jump, our insurance agent laughed and hung up the phone when we asked him about it, but we can help you with your protective packaging needs. To do amazing things you need amazing people with creativity and knowhow to take on any challenge.

Ready to get started? Contact us today, and we’ll begin working on a custom solution that fits your packaging needs without the freefall.