The Home: Repackaged

April 16, 2013

When asked to visualize a house, most people would imagine a pretty standard rectangular building with a rooftop, maybe a garage, and some rectangular doors and windows.

What they probably *WOULDN’T* visualize would be a building in the shape of a pickle barrel or a building in the shape of a mushroom. Actually, homes in that form would be pretty astounding and cool to see!!

That element of surprise and delight is exactly why we are LOVING these weird-shaped homes compiled by MSN Real Estate: They’re likely to catch the average person off guard with their innovative and quirky designs.

Home in the shape of a barrel

Home in the shape of mushroom

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The creators of these homes definitely thought outside the box!

In addition to our love for these homes’ quirky, cool designs, we’re also excited about the way the houses are perfectly customized to fit their owners’ taste.

We admire that approach and follow it ourselves with our packaging. We are constantly creating packaging solutions that defy usual expectations, all while making inspired custom packaging designs that are specially fit to the specific needs of our customers.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner with the ability to be attuned to your specific needs, along with the ability to turn heads and get very creative — and sometimes a little kooky! — contact us today.