Those Crazy Dumpster-Diving Kids Make A Good Point

June 12, 2012

When most people think of dumpster diving, what likely comes to mind is (slightly crazy) people wading around in stinky, gross garbage, only to have their efforts rewarded by taking home … stinky, gross garbage. So, yeah, it’s not super appealing to most folks.

Dumpster diving has the rep of being pretty icky, so a few proponents of the practice decided to make a film to raise the awareness of wasteful practices in the U.S., all while working to change the negative perception of rescuing and reusing items from the trash. Check out the trailer for the film below.

While this film might not exactly have you racing to lace up your dumpster-diving shoes — seriously! sharp things could be lurking in them dumpsters! — it probably will make you think about the implications of waste and give you pause before throwing things out unnecessarily. The filmmakers have a great point: Wasteful habits in our country are out of control, and maybe we should be a little more conscious about keeping perfectly good things out of the dumpster. Certainly, that’s something we’re thinking about all the time at Ernest Packaging Solutions.

And that’s why we’re really excited about figuring out and implementing the best ways to reuse packaging materials — hopefully in a way that doesn’t gross people out like the prevailing perception of dumpster diving sometimes does. We want to help our clients cut waste, all while helping them trim spending, too.

So what’s your take on reusing packaging? Is it yucky?

Or is it really yuckier to throw things out when they are still perfectly useful?

If you’re looking for a partner that can help you in your efforts to cut waste, look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions. Find out more about our sustainability solutions here.