Throwback Thursday: Delightful and Frightful Halloween Candy Packaging

October 25, 2018

Boy in skeleton

It’s Throwback Thursday! We’re looking back at the creepy candy wrappers we saw last Halloween. Stay tuned to the Ernest Buzz to see what candy companies have concocted for this year!

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and our sweet tooth is tingling! It still blows our minds that there’s a holiday where you can get FREE CANDY, but of course, there’s the packaging catch: you have to package yourself in a costume, and package your Halloween haul in a bag or plastic pumpkin to get it home. That catch goes for the companies who make candy, too! Today we’re taking a look at how sweet treats are getting all dressed up for Halloween!


Image courtesy of The Hershey Company

A lot of the candy you’ll be eating this year will be wearing costumes of their own. Reese’s peanut butter cups are a staple of the holiday, and this year they’ll be wrapped up in ghoulish tinfoil featuring skulls, vampires and Frankenstein’s monster. Another bundle features cups stamped with Halloween images in edible ink.

Image courtesy of Godiva

While the kids are out trick or treating, Godiva is providing adults with an indulgence of their own. Their pumpkin spice truffles are wrapped up like tiny pumpkins: orange foil is topped with tiny felt leaves and curly wire to mimic a freshly picked pumpkin from the patch.



Image courtesy of Nestlé

While wrapping is an obvious way to get gussied up for Halloween, some confectioners are making more drastic changes to their sweets. In addition to the new wrapping on their peanut butter cup miniatures, Reese’s is adding more uniquely shaped candies to their lineup. Their pumpkin and ghost-shaped Halloween cups are being joined by delicious bats! Not to let rivals steal all the glory, Butterfinger is mixing things up as well with crunchy peanut butter cup skulls.

Image courtesy of Just Born

On the less-chocolatey side of the spectrum, Peeps marshmallow candies are making the push to escape their Easter success, and a variety of Halloween shapes may do the trick. In previous years they’ve gone for classic holiday shapes like ghosts and pumpkins, and we’ll soon be chewing on marshmallow cats to fill out the spooky roster.


It’s always exciting to see classic products get new packaging, even if only to celebrate one spooky night of the year. Is your product dressed to impress? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions for a costume change that’s so good, it’s scary!