Throwback Thursday: Dorm Room Organization Tips from Packaging Experts

August 25, 2016

disoder in the room

Move-in day on college campuses welcomes a flurry of activity and emotions. With a kiss and wave, it’s newfound independence for dorm room dwellers. For this Throwback Thursday, we look to tips to keep that new dorm room organized so that students can exert their independent will in their studies instead of free expression of slop.

Every fall as college students head back to campus, they’re faced with a MONUMENTAL challenge. We’re not talking about tough chemistry classes or staying awake in quantum physics lectures.. We’re talking about something even *tougher*: squishing everything they’ll need for the school year into a teeny-tiny dorm room … and keeping it organized!

If the picture on the right looks familiar, have no worries! Our packaging experts have some great tips on how to get streamlined, organized and efficient, no matter how small the dorm room:

Use The Space Under The Bed. When space is scarce, none should be left unused. By lofting beds, students can use the floor space below for a desk, a couch or a futon. If students choose to leave their beds floor-bound, storing items underneath like shoes and sporting goods. Either way, utilize that space under the bed!

Think Vertical.  Look up! Use the back of the entry door and the backs of the closet doors all the way to the top for storage. Also consider adding hooks, bulletin boards or shelving to wall space above desks. And don’t forget about the precious storage space found in top-of-the-closet shelving!

“Repackage” Items! We’re big fans of repackaging and upcycling! Get creative and repurpose old items into things that can help you get organized. Use an old toilet paper roll to organize cords or cables. Use a cork board to organize jewelry. And get more great ideas for upcycling old items for organization here.

Clearly, we know our stuff when it comes to optimization, organization and efficiency! If you’re looking to partner with a packaging company with expertise and solutions in these areas, be sure to contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!