Throwback Thursday: Sweet Stats on Valentine's Day Gifts [Infographic]

February 15, 2018

Heart chocolate box

Love is in the air! Whether you consider yourself a fan of Valentine’s Day or not—we can all muster up a little affection for confectionery goodies and sweet smelling flowers. For this Throwback Thursday, Cupid shares his strategy for targeting Valentine’s Day buyers with an infographic that reveals 2017 trends. 

From boxes of chocolate to little, chalky candy hearts, Valentine’s Day is a little sweeter than most holidays. With 40 million heart-shaped chocolates, 8 billion candy Sweethearts® and lots and lots of kisses (Hershey and otherwise), what’s not to love? And for retailers who specialize in candy, flowers and other romantic gifts, Cupid’s Birthday is extra special. Let’s go into the numbers.

But those of us who have more to say than just “Sure Love” or “All Mine” we need another solution to make this day special. That’s where this amazing 3D candy printer from Dylan’s Candy Bar comes in. They have developed the world’s first way to custom print with gummi “ink” that lets you choose what you want to say – in candy form. Take a look!

As you can see, not only do you get to choose the design and message of your gummi-gram, you even get to choose the flavor! The Valentine’s Day candy bar has officially been set thanks to this technology. And 3D printing has even more value for design than you may realize.

“3D printing will grow as a valuable part of the package design process,” says Director of Design Solutions, Mike Martinez. “We can model, draft and print a packaged prototype to get a feel for how a solution will work before it goes into full-scale production. We do this now, but we get faster and more accurate results with 3D printing.”

So you can get custom designs faster, and everything’s better when it’s unique. That’s why we specialize in packaging that makes everyone feel like they got something special and not just some boring old box. Packaging that is customized, designed and built from the ground up for the people buying your product makes an impact and makes you memorable.

There is no Cupid’s arrow that makes people fall in love. You have to put in work to make it happen. So don’t go with the same-old-same-old when it comes to telling your story.

Download our No More Brown Box whitepaper today to see how you can customize your packaging in creative ways. And then, give Ernest Packaging Solutions a call to start your sweet journey to creative and customized packaging that will make consumers swoon!