Throwback Thursday: Trick or Treat! How to Package Your Loot on Halloween!

October 29, 2015

Trick or treaters are fine-tuning their costumes and we’re thinking of the ways to maximize the treats. So we’re bringing you this Throwback Thursday packed with tips on how to package your Halloween loot. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Halloween is almost here! You’ve probably already figured out how you’re going to “package” yourself for the holiday, but have you figured out how will you package all the candy you will collect on Halloween night?! There are bunches of choices … which one is right for you for the spookiest night of the year??

Below, check out your options for packaging your Halloween candy, straight from the packaging experts at Ernest Packaging Solutions!

Pillow Case

Pillow cases

The pillowcase is the absolute CLASSIC way to package all your loot It’s got plenty of volume, and it’s got versatility – you can carry it on your side like a shopping bag OR throw it over your shoulder like a knapsack! Kick it super old-school by using a plain ol’ pillowcase, or you can show off your artistic side by decorating a plain pillowcase with scary touches. CREEP-TASTIC … in a good way!

Plastic Pumpkins

Plastic pumpkin

This option is nearly as iconic as the pillowcase! The plastic pumpkin is a festive, sturdy option for packaging your haul (or carrying your dog who looks just like Boo?) on Halloween. Drawback: The plastic pumpkin doesn’t have as much volume as other candy-packaging options.

Paper Treat Bag

Paper Treat Bag

Reuse old packaging materials AND get in touch with your artistic side by creating your own treat tote out of a paper grocery bag! We love this option: Lotsa room for candy, and it’s the *PERFECT* way to use those old paper bags you’ve been holding onto!

The Future … And Beyond!

With all of the cool options for collecting your Halloween treats, we can only imagine what the future will hold for our beloved candy holders. Will bags come with their own “hands” to collect candy from bowls (think, CLAW MACHINE!)? Whether you’re interested in old school products like BOO-tiful paper bags or futuristic solutions, Ernest Packaging Solutions can handle your Halloween goodies.

We can’t help with your post-Halloween candy stomachache, but we can ship you some medicine to make you feel better :-)