Turning Boring into Beautiful: Crosswalks Get a Makeover

November 03, 2016


For a very long time, a group of artists have held a monopoly on crosswalk painting design. Their color pallet is simple: white. The designs are dull: straight lines. Then Christo Guelav entered the crosswalk art scene and blew those white stripe artists away.

No longer are the good people of Madrid beholden to the boring old sameness of crosswalks. See?!





OK, so maybe we took a few liberties in making that story more dramatic. There is no crosswalk art monopoly that is being taken down by outsider artists. But creating a more stunning world is something we’re passionate about. And Guelav is too! He says he wants “to inquire into ‘something’ apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence.” Hey, that is what we’re trying to do, too. Only our medium is corrugated paper or packing materials instead of asphalt.

Be Bold Not Boring

Bold doesn’t always mean flashy or colorful. Sometimes it just means having the courage to do something different and stand out. That’s where we can help. Ernest Packaging Solutions deals in innovative thinking like artists – artists who happen to have an unnatural knowledge of corrugated strengths, inner packaging options and a few sciencey-sounding college degrees.

It takes that kind of thinking to stand out in today’s society. The same-old-same-old isn’t going to cut it anymore. Art can be created from any material – as we Buzzed about with Dosshaus recently.

Artists see a pile of paper, adhesives and foam and think of what could be. We’re talking about, ohhh, something like creating a Fender Stratocaster completely out of paper.

Oh wait, we did that already.

OK, what about creating a completely recyclable snowboard?

That’s in our Ernest Hall of Fame too?

Well, then, it looks like we are ready for a new challenge! So give us your best one. We’re ready to take on your packaging needs with the same grit and creativity that we bring to all of our projects. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Check out our “No More Brown Boxes” piece in our Premium Content Section. You’ll be happy you did!