Turning Trees into Corrugated Art

May 19, 2016

Paris-based sculptor and artist Eva Jospin creates surreal three-dimensional “forests” out of recycled corrugated cardboard. As the artsy Creative Boom blog puts it, “With the brown colour and corrugated textures of cardboard perfectly imitating the common features found on trees, such as bark and winding branches, Jospin painstakingly cuts and glues the material to make multiple layers of woodland scenes that have appealing realism and depth of field.”

The effect is like something out of a fairytale.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.09.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.09.50 PM

The artist’s goal is to make people realize that their modern world is formed by things taken from the natural world and we shouldn’t take that fact for granted. We agree! And by chance or not, she has entered the amazing world of corrugated recycling.

According to Mike Martinez, Ernest’s Director of Design Solutions, the paper industry itself is one of the most sustainable recycled industries in America.

“The lumber industry is at a point now where we’re not cutting down old-growth forests,” says Martinez. “Tree farmers are growing and cutting their own fields. They’re mitigating loss and keeping forests like a farm, similar to corn crops. And forestry is about lumber, not paper. For us, the byproducts of the lumber industry, like chips, are turned into virgin pulp needed for paper. So paper, from the beginning to end, is about reusing and eco-friendly sourcing.”

A lot of what goes into paper products is post-consumer as well. Martinez continues, “This is great because anytime anything is post-consumer, we’re talking about something that we can directly say was kept from a landfill. That is what my goal is in designing paper solutions.”

So, the artist Jospin and the design specialist Martinez both dream of cardboard becoming a stand-in for trees in two slightly different ways. And we like that at Ernest Packaging Solutions. Check out our no-pedal bike case study to see source reduction in action. And give us a call to talk about sustainability solutions for each and every one of your corrugated package designs.