Use Packaging to Show Customers How Much You Care

February 07, 2017


We like to get down to the tough questions here in The Ernest Buzz. So let’s jump into a big one: Are you insulting your product, or even worse your customers, with bad packaging? This may be a bit dramatic? Think again!

A study from SealedAir found that 66% of Americans think that the packaging of their shipment shows how much the retailer cares about them and their order. That is two-thirds of consumers who see a bland, boring or poorly packaged and think it means you don’t care about them.

It may be surprising, but not if we think about our experiences in real life too. Let’s say you get a Valentine’s gift that is unwrapped and just handed to you in a garbage bag. How special do you feel? Valentine’s Day is about messaging your love and affection for someone special. A boring box is not going to tell that story very well is it? That is why we keep saying “No More Brown Box” (PDF) because what you store your old clothes in shouldn’t resemble what you give your spouse as a token of love.

Translating a brand message into your packaging isn’t a simple process. Well, for most it isn’t. For us it comes naturally after 70 years in business! A good package design is more than just printing your logo on the box and calling it a day. You have to take into account materials, inners, colors, designs and sustainability. Does a coated, double-walled outer with high strength match your brand? How about a sleek and simple box with a custom-crafted wood pulp inner for holding the product? You can create very different experiences when you put pieces together in exciting ways. And that is the point!

“Connecting with consumers is more than about convincing them to trade dollars for your product,” says Greg Feinberg, President and CEO Aisle 9 Group and Ernest Packaging partner. “It’s about providing an experience from advertising all the way through to the package. Companies that miss out on this last step miss an opportunity to create a repeat customer.”

When we say we are “Moving Packaging Forward” we mean we are pushing the bounds of what you can create with packing materials. But it could also apply to how memorable you can be with the consumer. Are you moving them forward to a repeat sale with packaging that shows how much you care or are you more of the one-and-done kind of business (aka, the business that won’t last much longer).

Show how much your customers mean to you by taking a new look at your packaging because boring old boxes just don’t cut it anymore. Lucky for you, you have an expert and fun partner ready to help.If you’re in the mood to create a new package experience for your brand remember, Ernest Packaging Solutions is just a phone call away!