A Valentine’s Day Toast to Champagne Packaging

February 12, 2015


(photo from jasperbrands.com)

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and we’re in the mood for love. So dim the lights and cue the Marvin Gaye. And let’s talk about one of our favorite parts about Valentine’s Day: the packaging, of course!

While we at Ernest enjoy a nice glass of champagne—especially on Valentine’s Day—what really fascinates us about champagne are the creative ways in which it is packaged. Creative and innovative packaging can come from anywhere in the world, but true champagne can only come from the Champagne region of northeastern France. (If it isn’t French, it’s sparkling white wine, as you might remember from Wayne’s World.)

So let’s raise a glass to our French friends on this fantastic champagne packaging.

The Avant Garde

Some champagne packaging takes the shape of fine art more than a packaged beverage. The avant garde bottles from Zarb Bizarre, for example, can’t be missed on shelves of your local wine purveyor.

The Elegant

Then there’s the more elegant offering of Moët & Chandon designed by Ch. Dahlinger, which stands with dignity and class.

The Eco-Friendly

Last year, Veuve Clicquot started creating packaging for their champagne that is both fun and eco-friendly. Their Naturally Clicquot delivers fully biodegradable packaging, made out of potato starch!

The Practical

Veuve Clicquot is also the creator of Fashionably Clicquot, which turns the champagne packaging into an ice bucket. Just throw in the ice, and the packaging chills your bubbly for you!

The wide variety of champagne packaging reminds us that packaging says so much about your brand. Some champagne companies want to say that they’re upscale and elegant. Others want to say that they’re fun and whimsical. Others want to say that they care about sustainability and renewable resources.

At Ernest we work with our customers to make sure that their packaging speaks to their brand—and to their customers’ needs.

We don’t want you to like your packaging. We want you to love it. Contact us to talk with us about all of your packaging needs.