Vroom Vroom! Rev Your Engines For The World's Smallest Car

December 11, 2012

Giftcards! Jewelry! Chocolate! Lots of good things come in small packages. In an age where sustainable transportation is all the rage, cars seem to just get smaller and smaller. Picture this: Your favorite childhood coin-operated ride now has a real set of wheels  and is ready to hit the streets.

MSN recently reported on a British inventor who took the “tiny car” trend to a whole new level. Meet “Wind Up,” the world’s smallest car. At just 26 inches wide and 41 inches high, this baby is licensed to drive on public streets and can get up to 37 mph.

Talk about a gas saver! This grown man is efficiently packaged into the tiny box car that sits like a motorcycle underneath the car body. AND you are still protected by a seatbelt. Vroom Vroom! We’re revving our engines for this awesome innovative transportation.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, quirky packaging products are always a “MUST!” So this little car will be at the top of our Christmas lists (and not just for the kids.)