What Does Your Box Say About Your Brand?

October 19, 2011

Mature Woman Groceries Shopping.

Making your products stand out from the others has been a battle being waged since the first store was created. How do you get the customers attention, keep it, tell your story and get them to put your product in their cart instead of your competitor’s?

It’s about being innovative, because success rarely comes to things who do the same old thing, the same old way.

The Final Frontier

The sense of touch is an oft-ignored sense in the packaging world, but it shouldn’t be. Touch is a very important sense in creating appeal and conveying your brand message. Many of those messages are universal. Tactile imagery and connotations cross languages and customs, meaning you don’t need to redesign your box for every market.

Create a Sense Equity Around Your Product

So what does a well-designed package look and feel like? Well, it depends on your product.

Some are obvious such as not wanting to sell a tissue paper in a box that is made of sandpaper. But what about other products? What different feelings will a glossy or matte finish give the consumer? Or what about the way it feels when you hold it?

Perfumes and alcohols are notorious for using the shapes and contours of their bottles to create sense equity around their product; but everything from household cleaners to cartons of yogurt can have their messages enhanced or transformed by the right packaging.

Make the ordinary extraordinary. Premium isn’t always about the product, it can be about the experience. The first impressions of elegance or excitement are created by the look and feel of the shell it comes in.

Ernest Packaging has been making the ordinary extraordinary and creating the right packaging solutions for clients for 60 years. Come see what we can do for you and how we can take the box and turn it into an extension of your message.