What Happens When You Take Away Preschoolers' Toys ...

January 10, 2013

… and give them cardboard boxes and other packaging materials instead?

It sounds like a hissy fit waiting to happen, right?

But replacing toys with packaging materials is exactly what an Ohio preschool teacher recently tried in his classroom, and the kids’ responses may surprise you.

Check out this video with the students’ reactions below:

Awesome! These cool kids used their innovative minds to turn their classroom into a wonderland filled with an igloo, a pirate ship and a hotel!

Ernest Packaging Solutions loves to see creative kids (and future packaging experts?) invent with nothing more than the raw materials in front of them, paired with the power of their imaginations!

We wonder what else those preschoolers might make!

And hey, if they keep up the good work, we hope these packaging geniuses will come work for us one day…or we’ll be working for them!