What's Fun About Tape? Only Everything

March 13, 2014


We’re not one to judge office shenanigans. We have a lot of fun over here at Ernest Packaging Solutions (like when the Sacramento Division held its own corrugated boat race).

laughing man stuck to wall with duct tape

But if you didn’t see how office hijinks were taken up a level over at Lockheed Martin last month, you’re missing out. In honor of Engineering Week, the company’s team members put their heads together and decided to celebrate in style … by duct taping their coworkers to a wall.

Engineers stick together (PUN!), whether they’re aerospace like Lockheed or packaging like Ernest. And when it comes to tape, Ernest takes it up a notch with a huge selection for any occasion.

Paper, box sealing, single­-coated and double­-coated tapes: Our engineers know how to make adhesives work for you, whether you’re using any type of tape in your manufacturing, shipping corrugated boxes or just taping Doug to the wall at a company event.

It’s not just about selection; it’s about knowing what to use for each situation. You want to work with the expert engineers at Ernest Packaging Solutions. Contact us today to learn more and move your packaging forward.

And the next time you think about calling a group of engineering, math and physics people “nerds,” be careful … you may just find yourself in a sticky situation (SO MUCH PUN!)!

duct tape hijinks