When is Green Really Green And Who Defines It?

October 28, 2011

There’s green like a sour apple and green like freshly cut grass or Kermit the frog. But what is really green? Of course, we’re not talking about the color, but reducing, reusing and recycling. Everyone has their own version of what being sustainable means. It’s a buzzword that is overused and over–hyped. We get it. At Ernest Packaging Solutions we also understand what it means to go “green.”

Package More Efficiently and Effectively

Being green means using the resources you have before wasting what hasn’t been touched. It’s like draining money from the bank and never replacing it.

From reducing your carbon footprint to hundreds of more sustainable packaging, facilities maintenance products, we help you make better choices. It’s about lowering your energy consumption by using and re-using the resources you have before buying something new. We like to call it our three pillars.

  • Reduce the use of virgin materials in packaging.
  • Reuse by incorporating recycled content whenever possible.
  • Recycle and increase the use of post-consumer and industrial scrap in packaging.

Refuse to waste by giving Ernest Packaging Solutions your post-production waste. Those dirty lotion covered tissues? We know how to recycle them.

Have unused two sided trading cards? Give them to us. Bring us your problems and we’ll help make them go away.

Valuable customers are demanding genuine environmental responsibility. We offer sustainable packing materials from office products to shrink film and corrugated products. Sustainable packaging does not necessarily mean that only green materials were used. It does mean that businesses utilize the materials, practices and policies proven to contribute to the continuum of environmental improvement.

When is something sustainable? When the “new” package can be said to have lowered the environmental, social and economic impact relative to the “old” package. Think of our TempEndure® Engineered Systems which may be used and reused, like a warm flannel pair of pajama pants that protect against the cold and can be worn over and over again.

Innovators That Get it Right

Ernest Packaging Solutions finds ways to solve any problem. Here are a few success stories:

Kalco, leaders in the decorative lighting design industry stopped using traditional crates in favor of a custom-designed, 100% curbside-recyclable corrugated carton and reduce the thickness of stretch film.

Nana Wall Systems replaced crates that once consisted of petroleum-based products, wood, metal staples and foam inserts with a 100% curbside-recyclable package that yields a better design, reduced shipping costs and improved product protection.

Teamwork Athletic Apparel replaced conventional cleaning chemicals, papers and systems with Green Seal® certified products which gave them better cleaning results, fewer odors and reduced costs.

Encompassing more than 1,000 square miles in California, Kings County replaced their many conventional cleaning solvents with one single product; a bona fide, green-certified multi-purpose chemical. It saved on cost and the environment.

After Ernest recommended a new corrugated shipper made from 100% recycled kraft, Dean Foods/Swiss Dairy made the switch to uphold their quality, improve their goals of cost management, while still keeping their milk and other dairy products fresh.

Join us. Become a success story today.