Who Needs Paper, Anyway ...?

April 18, 2013

These days, you can read a book on an e-reader. You can send correspondence through email. And you can get the latest news from your favorite website.

So yeah, paper seems kind of pointless … right? RIGHT?

Um, NO.

If ever a case was made for paper, it’s showcased in the following video:

All laughs aside, paper is just one of the many packaging materials that are  truly VITAL to our everyday life! We, as innovative packaging specialists, are all for great advances, both digital and tangible. However, it can’t be overstated just how important real, physical packaging — and the innovations to make that packaging more efficient and green — is to our lives!

When moving to a new home, one can’t protect a precious vase from breaking by wrapping it in tablet computers. Food and beverages can’t be shipped safe and sound to supermarkets through email. And a paper shipping label seems like a much better way to address a care package than, say, affixing a digital device with the address typed on the screen, right!?!

If you’re looking for a packaging partner that is with the digital times (we’ve got a blog, after all!) but understands the need for the continued advancement of physical packaging, look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions! Contact us today.