Zombie Tough! Our Packaging Holds Up to the Walking Dead

October 15, 2013

Beyond being undead, zombies have additional superhuman powers: They’re super strong, they’re super fast *and* they heal instantly! So  there’s not much out there that stands a chance against them … that is, except for your package expertly wrapped by us to withstand even a slimy zombie death grip …

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, our  engineering consultants are a dedicated group of people!  They are utterly, indisputably, unwaveringly devoted to preparing your packaging for the worst – including a Zombie Apocalypse!

Check out our Ernest Challenge videos, and you’ll see we do anything and everything to test the mettle of our products so that your packaging is safe in the most treacherous situations. Even super-strong, super-fast, magically healing zombies? No problem! They won’t hold a candle to the strength, efficiency and tenacity of our packaging!

And an added bonus? Our packaging boasts not only function, but also form! So even if zombies get their grimy mitts on your goods, the packaging will hold up – and look fabulous all at the same time!

Speaking of fabulous, check out this great zombie prank video!

Are you looking for a packaging partner that takes into account all risks that your packaging faces … even a Zombie Apocalypse? Look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions. Contact us today.