Amazon Announces Free Holiday Shipping

November 26, 2018

Amazon Shopping

Hold onto your mistletoe, because holiday shipping just got smoother than a glass of eggnog. Last year, online shopping accounted for 11.5% of total holiday retail sales, but this year things are looking even bigger. Amazon recently announced that they’ll be offering free shipping to everyone this holiday season!

Right now, and until an undisclosed date, shoppers don’t need to hit the usual $25 minimum to qualify for free shipping. Within five to eight days, your gifts will arrive on your doorstep ready to be stuffed under the tree… or just hang out in a closet until you get around to putting it up. What month is it, again?

Thanksgiving is over

Free holiday shipping may be available for every Amazon shopper, but Prime members will continue to enjoy the benefits they’re accustomed to. Free two-day shipping means Prime members will receive their gifts up to four times quicker than others. For those on the naughty list, same-day shipping can also help get you out of a tight spot.

Faster shipping on presents isn’t the only perk — don’t forget that you can get Whole Foods products delivered with Prime, too! That means when Aunt Frida complains that there’s no cranberry sauce on the table, you can have it delivered in a couple of hours.

On the brick-and-mortar side of the war to win the holidays, other big-name retailers are throwing big punches. Target has also announced the removal of order minimums to qualify for free shopping, and Best Buy followed suit. Whether you shop in-store or online, the holiday season is looking to be very merry and bright for retail.

Even though Amazon and its competitors are providing “free shipping” for consumers, that shipping isn’t really free. Big retailers can afford to absorb those shipping costs, but can your business? It’s not too late to save on freight: download our DIMCalc app or contact us to see how you can trim down your packaging before it’s time to trim the tree.